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I really enjoyed the time I spent with Grace over 3 online EFT sessions. I hadn’t practiced any EFT before and Grace took her time to explain the process to me, what to expect, and the potential benefits. The impact it had on my wellbeing far exceeded my expectations, and it’s a tool that I continue to use in moments of overwhelm. I really wanted to work on my feelings and limiting beliefs as a mum to a neurodivergent little person. We absolutely covered this but also went a lot deeper into shifting negative belief patterns from my childhood and much more. We spent some time future-focused and manifesting things I wanted for my business. I instantly began to see results, it was really eye-opening. I would highly recommend exploring the benefits of EFT with Grace. She provides a safe space and I felt understood, validated and compassionately held during our time together.

Victoria, Scotland, UK

I have had 1-2-1 coaching and EFT sessions with Grace. I reached out to Grace for help and guidance when I was at point in my life that I wanted to invest in myself and needed some help for me and I was pulled to work with Grace and I am so unbelievably glad I did. I didn’t know her before our sessions, but I knew from our first zoom call that I had made the right decision. Grace has a wonderful and warm presence about her and immediately made me feel at ease. I opened up straight away and didn’t stop. I felt safe talking to Grace, she showed so much empathy and validation and I felt so supported when I was talking to her. She taught me a the basics of tapping and we went through many sequences together and each time I felt a release. Even now our sessions have stopped when I feel overloaded with life I go back to tapping and remind myself what Grace would say. She has been a constant support to me and I am so grateful I made contact with her.

She did a couple of sessions with my 10 year old daughter to help with her anxiety and she says “Grace is so nice and helped me lots”

Thank you Grace for everything, you are a wonderful human being and people will be lucky to work with you.

Parry, Sussex, UK

I felt drawn to Grace through Instagram, I just felt like she came across very professional and knowledgeable so I reached out to try an EFT tapping session. I myself am trained in EFT and only starting to offer it as a service and I explained this to Grace. Grace came across very calm and confident in our session, which allowed me to relax and trust her guidance. Additionally, Grace gave me very valuable advice for my own work with EFT clients which I really appreciated and it was very generous of her to go above and beyond. The tapping was very powerful for me and in the days afterwards I felt stronger to start making some changes I had been feeling blocked by.

Elaine, Dublin, Ireland

"In just one tapping session with Grace, I experienced some major life shifts. I had been feeling really down on myself, scared to ask for what I needed and overwhelmed with losing myself in motherhood with two small babies. Grace helped me break through my feeling of helplessness and step back into confidence. A few days later, I had experienced more joy with my children and peace with being their mother. I then was offered a new job position that I didn't expect and I'm beyond thrilled. Just one tapping session with Grace has already changed my current life direction - in a positive and energizing way. I can't thank her enough.

Julia, Hawaii

Feedback from the mum of a client in Year 6, aged 9.

From a distant EFT tapping client

Testimonial below from the Head at Deeside 6, Coleg Cambria


I booked some distant reiki sessions with Grace, previously only having tried in person reiki. 

With these sessions, I was amazed to find I could actually feel the reiki energy much more strongly than I had in the in-person sessions.

I found it much easier to relax lying in the comfort of my own home than going somewhere else. Grace has beautifully curated Spotify music list to listen to as the reiki is being done which helped with the relaxing, and we had a chat beforehand about my intention for the healing.

Grace has a lovely energy which comes through in the beautiful reiki healing. Grace also channelled some messages from my guides which was a really nice extra bonus.

For one of the sessions, I asked Grace to focus on my acne. I found it the 6 weeks after that, my skin was much better. If you're thinking of trying distant reiki, I definitely recommend Grace and her magic!

R, Essex

I absolutely loved your in person treatment - as I said you allowed me to connect with my Father which was very special. Thank you so much for the treatment. You obviously have a great gift and I’m sure you will be very successful with your progression. It was lovely to connect.

L, London

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