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Thank you so much for reading this. Below explains all about my signature medium term support package Freedom. This  brings together EFT, coaching, Healy and reiki energy healing.

My aim is to support you on both cognitive and energetic levels through holding space for you, and using EFT to help you release energy that you are carrying. EFT is an amazing modality for getting to “root” causes of issues, often found in child hood, clearing energetic imprints of memories, and helping you release any trapped energy in the body. EFT is transformational in transmuting energy in the body and replacing limiting beliefs with abundant beliefs. 

You will end our time together feeling lighter, freer, supported, held and having learnt how to use EFT and other techniques to self regulate and support yourself to take into your daily life.

I advise that we work together over a 8-10 week period, although this can go up to 12 weeks depending on how you feel in between our sessions.

8-12 week package including:

3x 90 minute coaching sessions using EFT as central (but not only) modality,

Voice coaching in between sessions via telegram, (including tapping prompts and recordings) 3 days per week. 

2x distant reiki energy healing sessions (in the comfort of your own space, guidance will be given on how to set up the perfect space)

Healy resonance support scan with a choice of 3x resonance packages (or other of your choice) and I will send to you the frequencies 3 times a week, for 2 months. Options include Bach Flowers remedies, Homeopathy, Crystal Gem Elxirs, I-ching, Coach manifestation frequencies (for more detailed information on this please just ask)

Our 3x 90 mins sessions will be via zoom or in person in Chester. The 2x distant reiki sessions will be around 40-45 mins, and don’t require any attendance on zoom - just for you to have time and space to relax at home undisturbed.

The Healy resonance scan will be done together in one of our calls, you will receive a full PDF of your resonance scan, the frequencies will then be sent 3 times per week, you will be notified on telegram when frequencies are sent. No action from you but to receive and hold the intention.

Guidance will also be provided on loaning a Healy if you are thinking of buying your own Healy, and how to purchase if you would like to.

Investment: £555

Please contact me on Instagram or email to discuss payment plans over 2 or 3 months.


The Release package is designed to support you over 3x 90 minute EFT Tapping Sessions, on zoom or in person. This package is for you if you are intrigued by EFT, maybe you have done a bit of tapping before, but maybe you’re completely new to EFT.

This is for you if you have beliefs that you know are limiting you, patterns that you want to change, dreams you want to call in or traumas you that need releasing from the body. EFT has been clinically proven to drastically reduce symptoms of PTSD, trauma and anxiety. EFT is can have powerful effects with cravings (food/alcohol/smoking) phobias, and is a gentle yet potent tool to uncover and release ancestral held stories and beliefs. I will support you to arrive at calm, from chaos; from anxiety to abundance.

You will leave our sessions feeling lighter, with more clarity, calmer, having relaxed emotions held in the body, released limiting beliefs from the subconscious as well as the knowledge of how to use this beautiful tool in your day to day life to support yours and your families nervous systems.  

I no longer take one off EFT session bookings (except for clients I have worked with before) This change has come from experience in working with clients, and feeling strongly that we need a minimum of 3 sessions together for me to support you and hold space for you , for safety, and for us to explore your healing and deep transformation. It also means the healing and your knowledge of the tool has time to integrate, meaning you will confidently know how to take this tool forward into your life.

90minute sessions include: an oracle card I will pull for you after the sessions, as well as recommendations for flower remedies as well as other resources, and remedies to support your healing. Add ons with my energy healing (see below) can also be arranged.

I may have additional availability to what is shown on booking link. Please get in touch by emailing and let me know. I can’t wait to support you as well as for you to learn how to use this beautiful tool which changed my life.

Investment £333

Payment plans available over 2 payments - please pop me a message for the link.

Reiki Healing

Reiki energy healing. Either in person or distance.

Reiki is life force divine energy from source. I incorporate reiki energy as well as my intuitive energy healing, I (with consent) will call upon your guides, angels and ancestors to come through during the session to support you.

For distance sessions you will need to be able to lie down and relax for the duration of the session, I will send you a relaxing play list to relax too. We will chat over voice note before the session so I can connect to your energy and be aware of your intentions for the healing. I will then send you a voice note after the session, with what came up, anything that came through and which areas I focussed on.


Investment - £55

EFT Kids

EFT is a beautiful gentle tool to support children to clear energetic imprints of traumatic experiences. I support children in 1-2-1 sessions either via zoom in the comfort of their own space or in my treatment room in Chester.

I provide a safe space for the young people I work with, and usually the type of things we cover are clearing the energy of overall anxiety and worries, using gently EFT techniques we can uncover potential root causes. Specific issues that I have worked with young people on are:

Separation anxiety

Sleep anxiety

Specific phobias e.g. emetophobia, the dark

Exam anxiety

Friendship issues

Managing BIG feelings

Parents are welcome to be in full, partial or no attendance (we can discuss the best thing for your child, and this may be relevant to stay for some sessions and not others as we build a relationship).

I hold DBS clearance, was a Teacher for 8 years and am a Mum of 2 boys - 8 and 3. I have experience working with young people with neurodiversity including ASD and ADHD.

My aim is to support your child within the sessions, through clearing energy, but also teach them a life long self regulation skill.

I advise a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure the work we do has time to integrate and for the best transformation. Some clients opt for 6 or more sessions for ongoing support.

Please contact me via email or on Instagram, or book a discovery call to discuss the support your child may need and booking in the first session.

Healy Frequencies

Hello! Welcome to my Healy frequency page. What an amazing gift to yourself ❤️ this Healy frequency session includes resonance analysis for what frequencies you resonant with most right now. Choose 2 different Healy packages choose from:

Alaskan Gem Elixirs (Crystal energy)

Bach flowers

Australian Bush flowers

Creative Homeopathy

Coach (manifesting magic!)

Any Healy programme.

I can also guide you on which of the above to go with depending on what you’re looking for support with whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.

Investment - £44

This will be followed by frequencies sent twice a week for 1 month. *Upgrade for another £44.00 for frequencies over 2 months. An amazing intro to Healy and energy work.

Guidance will also be provided on loaning a Healy if you are thinking of buying your own Healy, and how to purchase if you would like to. Any one who purchases a Healy using my affiliate link within 6 months of this service will have this refunded back to them :)

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